Offer Automation

Offer automation is specially designed to automate campaign performance and increase the ROI of every campaign under the rule created for automation. With the help of various metrics such as CR, CTR, CPC, RPC, etc. the automation rule derives the best of its performance, quickly alert and generate a report of rule break in the fastest defined time.

What Can we Do For you

Stable + Efficient Reporting

Offer automation is designed to fetch reports from any platforms as quickly as possible. It provides stable and efficient reporting experience to its users and takes necessary actions as configured in the automation rule

Autoblock and alerts

Offer Automation enables users to decide about applying auto/manual block on offer or affiliate. and also at the time of the automation rule break, the system immediately alerts to the user. it helps the user to take live actions in case of manual block.

Periodical Checker

User can define a time-period to check for the automation rule and optimize offer for better results in ROI of campaign.

Multi-Matrics Support

offer automation supports campaign management based on variations in matrics of gross and unique clicks, conversions, CR, CTR, CPC, RPC, eCPM, eCPR, eRPM, Revenue, Payout.

Quick Rule Reset

User can always check the logs of previous rules performed and also clear the history of the rules in just 1 click step Incase, he needs the rule again.

Threshold Management

Offer Automation supports threshold management for clicks and conversions and impression, along with a smart alert feature to quickly notify the user about the ongoing changes.

Great Features Top Class Results

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3 Level Monitoring

Offer automation has 3 Level Monitoring system for applying automation rule.
1. Offer Based
2. Affiliate Based
3. Sub-Affiliate Based
User can apply rule and block filters on any of the above points, based on Offer / Affiliate / Sub-Affiliate

Steps you should follow are:

1. Create an automation rule.
2. Select Actions to be taken.

Capture your reports whenever you need to strike.

1. Manage Your Daily Traffic Report.
2. Enable smart alert to receive notifications over email.
3. Enable/Disable warning alerts for Rule Break.