Offer Sync

A powerful data reporting infrastructure. The Offer Secure Reporting API gives you access to the power of the Analytics platform. and performs the function of fetching and viewing reports from multiple-tracking platforms at one Place.

What Can we Do For you

Easy Connect

Adding API credentials, sync campaigns, update existing campaigns all of that possible in just a couple of clicks and a bit of your time. now it is easy to forget about hiring a specialist

Synchronizing Schedule

User can now easily schedule API to automatically sync the latest up to time data. as per various schedule settings available. as well as user can also sync API manually or prior to the scheduled time. in 1-click only.

Reinvent while Synchronization

OfferSecure-API Sync product is so fast that you can easily update the Re-brokering parameters in offer URLs, specify payouts margins. Now user dont have to struggle on moving offers manually or analyze data being moved.

Great Features Top Class Results

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Smart Filter

API Sync lets the user decide specific criteria for campaigns he wants to sync. Our Smart Filter section will let user.
1. Set limit on the number of offers/campaign.
2. Specify models.
3. Define the pricing range.
4. Target OS, country, currency.
to filter sync results

Dynamic Field Sync

Multi-Dimensional field sync to enable or disable or set a limit on the field to be synced in API. user can enable disable filed sync for 35+ fields. Separately.